Welcome to OPERATRE

The place where we transform your ideas and emotions into reality,

realizing the project of your home, shop or b&b, with great enthusiasm and passion.

Every day we work hard together to give life to our dream and make each project tailor-made for you, so that you can feel in the right place, in YOUR place.

Just because "home" is much more than "four walls", it is that place that must make us feel good and safe, it is the place of intimacy and sharing, where to have dinner with friends and family, where to watch a movie drinking a cup of tea, where you can think and plan your future.

For this reason, by relying on us, you will be able to transform your idea into reality, living your comfortable, functional, fresh and welcoming space!

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But how did all this start?

We met in 2019 working for the same studio in the beautiful city of Florence and, even if we didn't say it right away, we probably always knew that we both wanted to create something on our own, to make our passion our work and daily bread.

And so, each with their own interests in the varied world of architecture and interior design, in 2022 we decided to create this project full of passion, curiosity and desire to do something that has brought us here, to open the doors of Operatre to you.

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Our team

Lavinia guicciardini salini

co-founder, architect and interior designer

I am Lavinia Guicciardini Salini and I have always been fascinated by nature as much as by buildings, especially those that have, as I say, "a story to tell"!

Since I was a child, I have always walked with my nose up, imagining who lives in the houses and how they are furnished. My favorite part of the day is when evening falls and when the houses start to light up: at that moment I could spend hours watching people move around in their own spaces!

I love travelling, together with my job it is my greatest passion, that's why I always have my suitcase with me because I live in Florence but I am often in London and when I can I take the opportunity to get to know and visit new places, architectures, habits, landscapes and cultures.

I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Florence in 2016 and since 2017, after obtaining the qualification, I have been practicing the profession.

I started my career by working in a studio that taught me a lot from both a professional and a human point of view, also allowing me to work on complex and very beautiful projects, such as museums, libraries and schools.

In the meantime I continued to study and obtained a master's degree in Project Management at the 24ore Business School in Milan and made some renovations as a freelancer until 2022 where I understood what I really liked to do... revive spaces, design them and make them welcoming!

And now here I am, alongside my colleague in the world of OPERATRE!

Laura innocenti

co-founder, architect and interior designer

I am Laura Innocenti, I love colours, lights, houses and furniture. I am a dynamic person, I would always like to live in the summer and when I am not working on your projects, I always have to discover and do new things.

I like waking up and feeling that sparkling happiness given by a bespoke space around you, with soft colors and bold contrasts.

I remember that in seventh grade, when I was only 13, I asked my technique teacher what she had studied to know all those things that fascinated me so much. She told me that she was an architect. Here, from that moment, I decided that I would have become an Architect, too. And in 2017 I obtained a degree in Architecture at the faculty of Florence and I enrolled in the national register the same year.

My career path started immediately with frenzy, working in the world of retail for fashion brands and seeing different places and cultures around the world. However, the need to design personally led me to change and to work in a large studio in Florence, where I learned a lot, both professionally and humanly, and where I met Lavinia.

The desire to always do new things led me to change again, finding myself designing stores for an Italian luxury brand, an immense fortune, which allowed me to finally understand what I really wanted to do.

With my background on interior design, color and material analysis, product presentation techniques, I decided to drop everything and start from scratch and from the three fixed points that are my passions, I started again from OPERATRE!

An architecture and interior design studio where we help you to create your favorite bespoke space

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